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​Kakegawa tea and Uji Matcha (The Tea Factory)

  • We use safe Kakegawa Yabukita No. 1 tea leaves.

  • It has a refreshing taste with a beautiful green color and a fragrant aroma from the stems.

  • Since it contains matcha, you can consume a large amount of tea components, making it healthy.

We blend the stems of Kakegawa Yabukita tea and carefully ground matcha, made from high-quality Uji tencha used in the Japanese tea ceremony, in a stone mill.

If you steep this tea in warm water just like Gyokuro (a high-quality Japanese green tea), you will be amazed at the exquisite aroma of premium tea. Please enjoy a luxurious moment at Howaen's "Tea Factory."

What is a Tea Factory:

In the Japanese tea ceremony, there are thick tea and thin tea. When the tea room is brightened with large windows, and tools are enjoyed in a spacious room, it's time for thin tea, known as "usucha." Saying "I offer thin tea" is a casual greeting. Ho'ouen's "Tea Factory" is a masterpiece created by the owner, Okamoto, inspired by the world of "usucha" in the tea ceremony, incorporating sencha.

The delicate blend by award-winning tea master and owner Okamoto creates a wonderful synergy of three types of tea in your mouth. Its high fragrance and smooth taste, coupled with a beautiful green color, have received much acclaim from our customers. It is one of Howaen's most popular products, providing a soothing experience for the heart and soul.

What is "Tea Factory"?

In the world of Japanese tea ceremony, there are two types of tea: Koicha (thick tea) and Usucha (thin tea). Usucha is enjoyed in a bright tearoom with large windows, and it is often associated with a leisurely break, saying "Ichi-go ichi-e" or "this moment will never come again." A casual greeting when serving Usucha is "Ousuwo sashiagemasu" (I present thin tea).

Howaen's "Tea Factory" is a masterpiece created by the tea master. Okamoto, who transformed the world of Usucha into Sencha. Crafted with the exquisite blend by Okamoto, an award-winning tea master recognized by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, it offers a splendid synergy of three types of tea that unfolds in your mouth. With its rich aroma, smooth taste, and a soothing green color, it has received high praise from many customers, making it one of the most popular products at Howaen.

This "Tea Factory" also ensures freshness by promptly processing freshly harvested Aracha (unrefined tea) from the source into tea as soon as the harvest and processing are complete.

​Hot water temperature
​70° to 90°
Extraction time
​30 to 60 seconds
Kakegawa tea
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