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Howaen Original Deep-Steamed tea (Sencha)"Koisencha"

Howaen Original Deep-Steamed tea (Sencha)"Koisencha"

Crafted with Howaen's original extended deep-steaming method and micro-roasting.
Utilizes the leaves of the safest and tender first flush tea grown with organic fertilizer.
A "work" passionately created by the award-winning tea master, Okamoto.

In the realm of matcha, there are Koicha (thick tea) and Usucha (thin tea). Koicha literally means thick, kneaded matcha and is associated with the phrase "Mazu ha Ippuku" (first, let's have a bowl) in the world of matcha. Derived from the characters bestowed upon us by the tea ceremony, Okamoto named Howaen's original deep-steamed tea, created in 1975, as "Koisencha" (濃煎茶).

"Koisencha" is an especially dedicated creation within the realm of Houwaen, where meticulous attention has been given to the flavor. With a belief that tea is meant to be tasted, not just observed, Okamoto focused on enhancing the taste and aroma of the tea broth rather than solely improving the appearance of the dried tea leaves. An award-winning tea master, Okamoto spared no effort in crafting this tea, paying attention to every detail.

Not only the tea leaves but also the soil in which the tea trees grow has been carefully selected. Howaen, in collaboration with contracted tea plantations in Kakegawa, Shizuoka, uses only the new shoots of first flush tea cultivated with organic fertilizer.

Of course, the tea production process is also a subject of careful consideration. Notably, the steaming time is extended, approximately 200 seconds, which is about four times longer than standard sencha.

Indulge in the pursuit of the true essence of green tea with "Koisencha."

​Hot water temperature



Extraction time

​30 to 60 seconds

​Howaen original blend tea

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