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●We use safe Kakegawa Yabukita No. 1 tea leaves.

●It has a refreshing taste with a beautiful green color and a fragrant aroma from the stems.

●Since it contains matcha, you can consume a large amount of tea components, making it healthy.

We blend the stems of Kakegawa Yabukita tea and carefully ground matcha, made from high-quality Uji tencha used in the Japanese tea ceremony, in a stone mill.

If you steep this tea in warm water just like Gyokuro (a high-quality Japanese green tea), you will be amazed at the exquisite aroma of premium tea. Please enjoy a luxurious moment at Howaen's "Tea Factory."


What is a Tea Factory:


In the Japanese tea ceremony, there are thick tea and thin tea. When the tea room is brightened with large windows, and tools are enjoyed in a spacious room, it's time for thin tea, known as "usucha." Saying "I offer thin tea" is a casual greeting. Ho'ouen's "Tea Factory" is a masterpiece created by the owner, Okamoto, inspired by the world of "usucha" in the tea ceremony, incorporating sencha.

The delicate blend by award-winning tea master and owner Okamoto creates a wonderful synergy of three types of tea in your mouth. Its high fragrance and smooth taste, coupled with a beautiful green color, have received much acclaim from our customers. It is one of Howaen's most popular products, providing a soothing experience for the heart and soul.

Kakegawa tea and Uji Matcha (The Tea Factory) 200g 

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