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December​first halfteethWe are holding a Christmas fair. We are also holding limited-time sales, including Christmas-only gift tea cans. Please take this opportunity to purchase.

Our Commitment to Howaen Tea Leaves:
We spare no effort to provide you with an experience of authentic Japanese tea. We are dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy the true essence of Japanese tea. Explore the essence of the Howaen brand with us.

Howaen exclusively sells tea leaves cultivated in contracted tea plantations with contracted producers. This ensures 100% traceability of the tea leaves back to their producers and specific plantations.

The contracted tea plantations of Howaen exclusively possess the expertise in pesticide-free organic cultivation certified by JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards). These plantations include those honored with the Prime Minister's Award and the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Award.

Here are five commitments to Howaen's tea leaves:

The History of Howaen

Please take a moment to explore a glimpse of the 250-year history of Howaen.

The history of Howaen dates back to the Horeki era (1750s) during the Edo period, when the first generation, Tadasuke Okamoto, established the wholesale store 'Maruo Okamoto Shouten' in Kakegawa Town, Sano District, Shizuoka Prefecture. Over the course of 250 years, we have cultivated unique farming methods and tea-making techniques, and now, in the 21st century, we offer original teas crafted by the eighth-generation owner, Yoshiaki Okamoto, blending tradition with a new taste.

If you would like to learn more about the history of Howaen, please click here.

Tea Master's Recommendation:
Discover the soulful masterpiece of our owner, Mr. Okamoto, a recipient of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Award five times.

Kakegawa stem tea and Uji matcha

Kakegawa tea and Uji Matcha (The Tea Factory)

We have blended carefully roasted Kabusecha stems from Kakegawa and premium Tencha (powdered green tea used in Japanese tea ceremonies) with a focus on enhancing the sweetness. The result is an authentic Uji Matcha meticulously ground in a marble mortar, bringing out its true essence.

Blend tea with Kaga gold leaf and Uji matcha (Pure Gold Tea with Uji matcha)banner

Blend tea with Kaga gold leaf (Pure Gold Tea)

This premium tea is crafted with Howaen's specially made deeply steamed rich green tea, combined with the finest pure gold exclusively sourced through a special agreement with the Kaga gold leaf master. Enjoy the luxurious experience of our tea made with the highest quality genuine gold."

Kakegawa Deep Steamed Sencha Banner

Kakegawa Deep Steamed Tea(Sencha)

The secret to the exceptional health in Kakegawa, the city with the lowest cancer mortality rate in Japan, lies in Kakegawa Deep Steamed Green Tea.

Please savor this special tea that contains β-carotene with antioxidant properties, vitamin E known for its blood circulation enhancement and immune system improvement effects, and chlorophyll that helps regulate the intestinal environment."

Howaen Original Deep-Steamed tea (Sencha)"Koisencha"

Howaen original blend

deep steamed tea

This tea is meticulously crafted by steaming the leaves four times longer than ordinary sencha, resulting in a beautiful deep green color and a rich, less bitter, and astringent taste. It's a deeply flavorful tea with minimal bitterness and astringency. This masterpiece is created by award-winning tea artisan Okamoto, recipient of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Award.

Organic Japanese black tea from Shizuoka Prefecture

Organic Japanese black tea from Shizuoka Prefecture

"This Japanese black tea is made from carefully selected organic tea leaves cultivated in Shizuoka Prefecture and skillfully crafted by a master tea artisan. You can enjoy its luxurious aroma and moderate astringency. Despite being in a teabag, it brews a tea that feels as if it were steeped in a teapot, delivering a rich and satisfying flavor."

Organic powdered tea from Shizuoka Prefecture

Organic powdered tea from Shizuoka Prefecture

This tea is made from pesticide-free and chemical fertilizer-free tea leaves approved under the JAS organic standards. The entire leaves are ground into powder, allowing you to enjoy it without the need for a teapot. It features a refreshing aroma and a rich, full-bodied flavor."

Introduction of Tea Master Okamoto

Latest Information

Here is the latest information from Howaen.

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